Renee Prisble Una

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Installation - Sculpture - Video


Artist Statement

In my work I explore and interweave three main concepts, the body, place, and memory.  By examining and questioning the effects of each of these on each other, and their relationship to each other, I create objects and site-specific installations.

When I make a site-specific piece I respond to what attracted me to that site.  How is this place used?  Who uses or used to use it?  What is the architecture?  How does it relate to my body and me?  If this place could remember, what would it remember? 

I examine my body and myself in the work.  I try to discover how I work, not scientifically or chemically, but practically and conceptually.  How does my body remember the touch of another?  What marks or memories do I leave behind?  How does the passage of time affect these memories?  I explore this through work directly on or involving my body as well as in installation. 

Memory is the ever-changing map used to navigate through places, my art, and myself.  Memory is the human element of time.  Memories are what make us both mortal and immortal.  Memories are the marks, scars, or impressions that affect everyone and every place.  People and places are palimpsests.  Memories and events over-lap one another through time.  In my art I try to expose and develop the often-unseen marks of memories.

My art making practice is palimpsestic, in my studio I work and discover through work.  Each of my projects has layers of discovery and change that is sometimes visible and sometimes not.  My art making is a learning and discovering process that uses both research and play.